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featuring photos and montages of New Orleans area Cajun and Zydeco dancers at festivals, parties and more from 2002 thru 2010.  After 2010 there may be occasional additions.

                         Many montages were enlarged and upgraded in June 2020.

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Dance Friends: a montage with the photos of 236 Cajun and Zydeco dancers from 2001-2003.
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Individual Pics:
Bruce Daigrepont's 25th Anniversary at Tipitina's--Nov. 20, 2011

Tipitina's Super Fais Do Do
          Jan. 13, 2019

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In Memory 
of our Dance Friends

HERE for Rudi Markl's videos of
                       Favorite Cajun Clips   and   

HERE for Rudi Markl's four minute video  
                           of a Watermelon Sacrifice at the
                           1994 Festivals Acadiens.

Dave John