Rudy Markl's Favorite Cajun Clips



Between 1985 and 2001 I shot 20 hours of video of Cajun music events. A few years ago I watched bits of it and realized that I had to preserve the footage of great musicians and bands that are gone. In 2018 I donated albums of 14 edited DVDs to the Cajun-Creole music archives at both U of LA-Lafayette and LSU-Eunice, along with the Back Story and a Table of Contents; they are listed as the “Markl Cajun-Creole Collection.” I have one more album that I’d like to donate to a Cajun-Creole music archive, preferably in New Orleans. If you know of one please contact me.

I also chose my “Favorite Cajun & Creole Clips” from the 20 hours and put them on two DVDs to share with friends. I was at a loss as to how to share them until I went on Dave John’s site and contacted him. I’m grateful to Dave for offering to host my videos on his site ( and I thank Cindy Bromberg for maintaining the dancer list all these years - and for mentioning my links in her weekly bulletin.

These videos are on Youtube as “unlisted,” so they cannot be found with key words. You will need to click on the links below.

When watching the videos, you may fast-forward or backward by using the Progress bar at the bottom of the image.

The Tipitina’s footage Dave recently posted is from Favorites #1, so they are redundant. I sent Bruce a DVD of the Tipitina’s video with my thanks for all the great memories.

Cajun-Creole music and dancing have given me so much joy - since first hearing it in July, 1985 at the Maple Leaf. And I’m so glad I made these videos, so I can relive those good times anytime. I’m hoping they do the same for you.

Please tell former dancers you may be in touch with about these videos - especially people who are in the videos.

Bonnie and I still dance now and then: New York and New England have a surprising number of excellent musicians who love traditional Cajun and Creole music.

I can’t get back on Cindy's dancer list until the next update, so I’m hoping old friends will find my contact info here and get in touch.

I dedicate these videos to the dancers who have passed on.

Rudi Markl

14 Fairlawn St.

Rye, NY 10580


Click HERE for a Table of Contents for Favorite Cajun Clip's #1.

Click HERE for an approx. two hour video of Favorite Cajun Clips #1.

Click HERE for a 35 minute video of a Tipitina's dance on March 15, 1992 with Bruce Daigrepont.  This video is also included in the Favorite Cajun Clips #1 listed above.

Click HERE for a Table of Contents for Favorite Cajun Clips #2.

Click HERE for an approx. two hour hour video of Favorite Cajun Clips #2.